Visitors love Israel for its rich variety – history, archaeology, religion and breathtaking beauty.

Experience the contrast between ancient and modern and be drawn into the instant feeling of familiarity and sense of coming home. Amiel Tours was founded in 1976 by Chuzi Amiel as a family-owned company for tourism to Israel. Amiel is a nine-time winner of the Distinguished Promoter of Tourism Award. Our first priority is to understand your needs so we can fulfill your dreams and expectations with our vast experience and commitment to excellence. Our goal is to create an experience that is relevant, new, and meaningful for you and your group.

We're known for our client service and friendly attitude. Every year our team of over 70 employees helps 100,000+ visitors experience Israel. Our guides are licensed by the Israel Ministry of Tourism and we're the only company with representatives throughout Israel. 

Start planning now for the Israel experience you've always dreamed of.

Our North American team are your day-to-day liaisons, located in the central and eastern U.S. They specialize in tailor-made programs for groups and individuals and will help you in all aspects of your planning. Contact us today to begin your 'Journey Home.'